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Dover, June 1969

Dick and Daphne Pascoe, Mick Ray and his girlfriend Rosemary Mills were in the coffee bar in the Market Square discussing their futures over espressos, when news arrived that would change their, and many local motorcyclists lives forever, Bill Shergold, the ton-up vicar, had arrived in Dover at the vicarage in Templar Street.


It didn’t take long for Dick and Mick to arrange to meet with this new triumph owner

and ask if he would start a new club in Dover called the 69 club and be its nominal head.


The first meeting took place on 16th June 1969 with founder members of Dick & Daphne Pascoe, Mick Ray, Rose Mills, Harold Brown, Eddy Edwards and Roy Sewell.

At this meeting it was agreed that Father Bill Shergold (later abbreviated to Farv)

would hold membership number 1, Dick was number 2, Mick 3 etc…….


The members spread the word and a meeting place was agreed as the Café in Capel le Ferne. (It was here that the club met Jean Blankeart the founder of the Steel Horse Rally when he spotted a bunch of bikes on his way back to the docks).


The empty stables at Western Heights became club central through the council and riders arrived en masse as by now the club had fifty members and a grand opening saw the parking lot in front of the building packed with bikes with

just a small slot remaining for the Mayors car.


The Mayor arrived at the front door and was stopped by a member in heavy leathers, blocking the doorway.

He took one look at the Mayor and Ken and said “This is my ****** club, would you like to have a look around?”


Progressing into a coffee bar, dance facilities, bike storage and a workshop, the 69 has served motorcyclists for nearly 50 years and is still going strong, all because a handful of motorcyclists had a vision that Father Bill Shergold again helped create.