9'ers (& International Sections)

Of the 59 Club®


These are sections that meet in various countries, proviso being that all section members are up to date members of the London club and that membership is not exclusive to those who meet in sections in that country.

N.B. The international sections are not individual clubs in their own right, but are purely members of the London club.

The 59 Club takes its ethos from the church where all are welcome, there is and never has been a probationary period to join, no dress code or motorcycle type exclusions, indeed all are welcome who share an interest in the club and its traditions, that is the very reason the club started.

This has always been the way the club has functioned and will continue to do so into the future.

We are not associated with, or ever have been associated with any patch or 1% clubs.

There are some ‘so called’ 59 Club sections using the club badge who have no membership of the main London club, and as such are NOT part of the 59.

Any true member will have a 5 digit membership held on File at the London HQ.

We have kept the club going for 50 years relying on this and unpaid leaders, the same goes for imitation regalia, only regalia purchased through the 9 is genuine.

No-one has any rights to use the club isignia other than London, who have registered trade marks and is a registered charity. 

Only those sections who fulfil the above criteria will be on the links (see below).

We are gradually adding to this section as we confirm with member sections the criteria above.

We would ask that any  country sections only put links to 59 sections that are on this site


Sites that are connected to the 59 Club

The Ace Cafe

Lewis Leathers

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