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what an amazing day the club members and friends had on the 8th of May at Westminster Abbey

when we celebrated the 59 Club’s 60th Anniversary!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL website of The 59 Club, a motorcycle club also known as The Fifty Nine Club and  'the 9' with it's roots in the United Kingdom.

The Club today follows its long-standing tradition of welcoming all riders on all types and styles of bikes, that is the reason the club started, so everybody had somewhere to go. There is no probationary period, no presidents, just leaders appointed by the directors who have been running the club for decades, but members are generally attracted by the our roots with rock and roll, ton-ups, rockers and the cafe racers.

We have a recognised badge, not a patch, it is a trademarked design, but as we have a huge history and a famous name, it is often abused and appropriated by groups all over the world who wish to ride on the decades of hard work and love that it has taken us to keep the club active, meaning that all true members have a membership number held on file at the London HQ (there is a membership page above), if a member isn't registered there, then they are NOT a member of the 59 Club.




The 59 Club started as a church-based youth club founded in Hackney Wick on 2 April 1959, in the East End of London. In 1962, after a visit by Father Bill to the Ace Cafe, a motorcycle section was established in Hackney, the motorcycle section soon outgrew the youth club.


Club nights took place once a week on Saturday evenings at the Eton Mission, where there was ample parking and a large hall with table tennis, billiards, a juke box and a coffee bar. Motor Cycle staff writer Mike Evans in 1963 reported: "Ably managed by the Rev. Bill Shergold, the club is affectionately known by London riders as 'The Vic's Caff'!".


Father Bill remained chairman until he passed in 2009.


The Club is staffed and managed by unpaid volunteers and helpers, many of whom have done so since the Sixties.


Adopted in the 1960’s by Britain’s motorcycling youth, initially in the London area, the 59 Club badge soon became an icon of a youth culture that has continued to this day – the Rockers! Remember the only genuine regalia is produced in London the rest is Fake!


With a history and roots that includes with rock n’ roll, the 59 has evolved through the years to be an internationally renowned motorcycle club, with its headquarters in Plaistow, East London.


Robert Elms Show - BBC London - Leader Gary talks 59 history on the BBC
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